The Best Option For People And Entities Facing Criminal Charges

Ehline Law Firm has served Los Angeles for decades. Further, with some of the most renowned lawyers in the region, we take no prisoners. Some of our lawyers have worked for over 30 years. They have had success and settled cases for millions of dollars.

Overreaching LAPD to Tone Down Harassing of Pedestrians

To try and beat the ticket you should not have received in the first place, contact LA’s own Michael Ehline. Ehline Law has helped thousands of pedestrians involved in traffic issues over the years.

Does My Law Practice Need a Personal Injury Vision Statement?

You have the power in your hands to make your firm into one that you would be jealous of. Make it work– your employees, family, and clients are all counting on it.

Bed Bug Bites and Legal Recourse For College Kids

Many times they need to get rid of all of their cloth products in their house– and still not guarantee that the bugs will go away. When faced with such an infestation on a college campus, the spread can be amplified by the close quarters and large amounts of people. This can cause students to lose all of their clothing and sheets and be out of a place to live for an extended period of time.

Walking Bike Accidents On the Way

When riding a standard bike, a person’s body is around the frame, with legs on either side and feet on the pedals. Here there are just hands on the handles, not offering the same control in case of a fall or accident. Furthermore promotional materials do not feature people wearing safety pads or helmets, a must for anyone riding a Lopifit on the road or anywhere.

Tort “Reform” is Not a Conservative Cause

So Called Tort Reform Damages Property Rights Our founders designed a relatively weak central government, with specific, enumerated powers, to be “bound by the chains of the Constitution.”  In fact, each public servant is even forced to carry a Fidelity Bond in furtherance of his or her oath of office. But as the years went […]

Simple Ways for Business Owners to Reduce Liability

Many courts will look at the extent of how you attempted to reduce risk to consumers as well as your warnings. By taking the extra step, the chances of being challenged in court is significantly reduced, and customer satisfaction should increase as well.