Another Cal-trans Case – Unfortunately Not an Isolated Incident

Each person can lobby their lawmakers for more oversight. This can include state agencies as well as for public safety.

Snapchat App Often Related to Severe Injury and Death.

In another, the final Snapchats of two young people were revealed. The Daily Mail reported the two young men vanished at sea. CNN reported on another case in Georgia. This allegedly showed a 107 mph accident caused by a Snapchat filter.

A Little Apple Watch Causes Big Problems

For more information about the risk of such devices, please continue reading our site. Ehline Law studies cases of distracted driving causing accidents to better inform the public and prevent accidents. Our team

Android – The Little Device that Distracts

In some ways, the proliferation of smartphone connected watches is very positive. In others, it is a Pandora’s box of potential accidents. At every turn the new smart watches are dangerous. They often turn their heads to check the watch into a routine, even while driving a car or motorcycle. This is less safe than […]

Worst Chances for Accidents are Right Here in L.A!

See the map below for some of the worst traffic zones in and around the city. This map shows just one portion of the potential traffic, which ebbs and flows.

Pedestrian Safety in the City of Cars

The effort has a number of pieces of advice for drivers. This includes reducing cell phone use. It also includes lower rates of racing. It also calls for drivers to look directly at walkers before going further.

A Danger on the Road

Every parent should speak to their children about the dangers of cell phone use while behind the wheel. No one wants to see their family torn apart. Together, we can reduce the number of crashes. Snapchat is just the start.

L.A. is One of the Car Chase Capitals of the World

It doesn’t seem like the number of car chases will fall anytime soon. However, increased awareness of their potential dangers can improve road safety.

Oops, They Did it Again – More Self Driving Car Accidents to Come

Instead, we find out that the process of driving is one that only a human can handle so far. Decades more research and trial and error are needed before the technology becomes good enough to trust a family’s life to.

Risks Abound with the New Technology

There have been concerns about Tesla’s business model for decades. Elon Musk’s big promises often come out flat. We don’t have time for falling short. Car consumers have high standards.