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Additional Associates & Staff


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Michael Ehline

Personal Injury Attorney – Los Angeles, CA

(888) 400-9721 Phone
Los Angeles, CA


To me, it is all about finding the next biggest mountain to climb…

A resident and injury attorney of the South Bay area, Michael handles cases from Santa Monica to Torrance and Redondo. Michael is a former resident of Marina del Rey. So he still maintains offices on Admiralty Way to serve the vast quiver of clients he has built up over the years.

Michael Ehline is a Dedicated Washington DC Lobbyist for Personal Injury Law Matters

Michael helps the International Cruise Victims organization lobby the halls of Congress. He also works in close collaboration with several California state organizations fighting for transportation law safety. Also, he has membership in several organizations that fight for motorcycle and bicycle rider’s rights.

So Michael is a lobbyist who lobbies on behalf of accident victims at sea, land and in the air.

A Message From Attorney Michael Ehline

I am very proud I am part of this well oiled unit…

First and foremost, I am the managing attorney for the Los Angeles law offices of Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC. We are one of the most respected personal injury law firms in California. The lawyers and legal team at Ehline Law Firm have the experience, knowledge, and skill to win your serious accident and injury claims. Furthermore, we have the financial wherewithal to fund all aspects of the most complex injury cases.

I am very proud I am part of this well-oiled unit. Comprised of paralegals, litigators, and trial lawyers, Ehline Law Firm in Los Angeles takes no prisoners in their quest for justice in and out of court. In fact, I have represented thousands of injured individuals since first putting out my shingle as a solo practitioner.

This was when I got first admitted to practice law in 2005. Before that, I worked as a paralegal in Orange County, and Los Angeles, California. Most of all, I have gained an incredible sense of well-being and meaning by helping disaffected people who had nowhere to turn. I find it rewarding to represent my clients. So I do so with great zeal and aggression.

Michael is Ready to Fight For Justice

I have an appetite for victory. So when a person gets injured by an inattentive, reckless, or intentionally injurious person, I am ready to fight for justice. Thus, I consider it an excellent opportunity to use my law license for the greater good of society.

The fact is, I have successfully prosecuted all types of personal injury law cases in California. Furthermore, I have argued cases in federal and state courts, as well as the California Court of Appeal. Consequently, I have done battle with some of the country’s largest corporations and won. Also, insurance adjusters, agents, and carriers know I have a take no prisoners attitude.

  • The People’s Lawyer

Many people know I am one of the few people to have learned the law in a law office. In fact, I was a practicing attorney before I ended up getting a Juris Doctorate. People asked why I went to law school, what for? I said because they waived me in with no college and I couldn’t miss a chance to be a practicing lawyer going to law school. To me, it is all about finding the next biggest mountain to climb.

Hence, I wear my passion on my sleeve. Clients know I love my role as the people’s lawyer. Victims know my desired goal is to ‘make it happen” for them. When victims feel bullied, they know I will not shirk from a confrontation. I take my storied history as a U.S. Marine and martial artist seriously. Hence, I am a personal injury warrior in every sense of the word. ‘Do or Die’ is my personal motto.

No Lazy Attorneys Here

Also, I am not a fatso, Butterball attorney. I am in physical fitness. I believe laziness is a common factor in ill health. I urge my staff and my healthy clients to get out and exercise. The strength of body is the strength of mind. So I still practice Jiu Jitsu and teach a firearms safety class. Additionally, I have cool hobbies. As can be seen, I not only protect people’s legal rights, I teach them to protect themselves from evildoers physically.

I am of the opinion that my success is the following formula:

  1. Positive mental attitude,
  2. ‘Do or Die’ Spirit and Discipline,
  3. Legal Training and Intense Preparation and
  4. Setting and Keeping Goals.


  • California State Bar Law Office Study Program
  • Juris Doctorate: 2004 University of West Los Angeles, School of Law
  • Licensed to practice law in California


Trial Attorney – Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC (2005 – Present). Below are just some of the results myself and my team have garnered for personal injury victims:

  • $8.7 Million for man hurt in motorcycle accident with major spinal cord injuries
  • $4,966,255.67 for a victim seriously injured in a terrible motor vehicle accident
  • $1,400,000.00 for a person an individual who assaulted during a transportation incident
  • $1,000,000 for a man T-boned during a light truck accident
  • $950,000 for an elderly person who got abused
  • $850,000.00 man fatally struck by train while standing on platform as a pedestrian
  • $750,000.00 for a woman seriously hurt with broken bones and friction burns on a casino tour bus
  • $600,000.00 for a person hurt in a serious injury car accident
  • $142,500.00 for a woman who suffered a partial amputation of a fingertip in a limousine transport case
  • $100,000.00 for a man hurt in a motorcycle accident with a broken leg

Law Clerk – Office of the City Attorney of Los Angeles (2001-2002)
Judicial Extern – Justice Gary Hastings, Second Appellate District

Professional Organizations/Honors

  • Personal Injury Warriors International
  • Circle of Legal Trust
  • Consumer Attorney’s Association of Los Angeles
  • Consumer Attorney’s Association of California
  • Litigator Awards
  • Best Attorneys
  • Million and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Superlawyers – Multiple Rising Star Awards
  • The State Bar of California

Community/Military Service

  • USMC (1989)


  • I enjoy jiu-jitsu and three gun competitions.

[Attorney Ehline represents victims injured on cruise ships, aircraft, boats, motorcycles, and other transportation accidents and more.]

Practice Area(s)


Trial Lawyer

Attorney Bell

Like Ehline, attorney James Bell is also a California native. He is a highly experienced trial attorney who has been of counsel to our firm for many years. Some of his legal victories include a partial summary judgment on a $2 million case and a jury trial. In addition, he has served as lead counsel as a defense lawyer and obtained a complete defense verdict in less than 30 minutes. He doesn’t mess around.

A Los Angeles County Native

By way of background, he grew up in Los Angeles, went to an all-boys Jesuit high school and graduated with honors. Furthermore, he went to Southern Methodist University (SMU) where he played NCAA Division I Tennis. Noteworthy, he graduated with honors. Next, he attended SMU’s Dedman School of Law where he graduated cum laude and in approximately the top 15% of his class. Also, he is licensed in Texas and California and is admitted to the US Supreme Court, US Tax Court, and numerous federal courts throughout the United States. As it relates to his practice, you will note that he devotes a substantial amount of time litigating a wide range of cases. He also prosecutes individuals on behalf of the State Bar of Texas who are engaged in the unauthorized practice of law.

Vast Spectrum of Legal Experience

With men like this assisting Ehline Law Firm, you can rest assured that we are fighting hard and have a wide spectrum of legal experience from which to draw from. James assists us in our Southern California and Inland Empire injury cases, and he wants to fight for you too! Give us a call to learn more.

Attorney Aldrich

George Aldrich is an honorably discharged United States soldier who went on to become an attorney in California. His prior job experience in the world of corporate sales combined with the fighting spirit he learned as a veteran of the first Gulf War wounded in combat, has made him a sharpened warrior for justice. Of counsel to our firm, Aldrich assists in all types of litigation. Jobs include meeting with clients, attending court, with expertise and motivation rarely seen in other lawyers.

His goal is to act with compassion and spirit in the pursuit of your Los Angeles personal injury claims. Feel free to give us a call and make an appointment by calling. In particular, George Aldrich is a motorcycle and bicycle rider. Also, he has a special place in his heart for unprotected riders out on the pavement who were badly hurt after taking a bad spill.

A True Personal Injury Warrior

Of special mention, Aldrich is involved in the Bicycle Injury Section of “Personal Injury Warriors.” Also, he teaches motorcycle and bicycle rider safety. The underpinnings of his course is teaching riders how to avoid close calls, impacts, and spills with passenger cars, and other large commercial vehicles out on the California roads.

Attorney Aldrich is a Los Angeles-based personal injury attorney who received his Bachelor of Arts from Mount Saint Mary’s College in Los Angeles, and his Juris Doctorate from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego. He is licensed to practice law in all courts in the State of California, including all jurisdictions of the Superior Court of CA and the Southern, Eastern, Central and Northern CA federal district courts.

Sexual Assault and Catastrophic Injury

In his legal career, Mr. Aldrich has established a reputation of success working on catastrophic injury claims ranging from auto accidents to sexual assaults. During his practice, he has been an integral part of other legal teams, racking him up a combined $80,000,000 in jury verdicts and settlements.

Awards and Memberships

He is an active member of numerous legal organizations throughout the state including the Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC), the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA), the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA), the San Fernando Valley Bar Association (SFVBA), Lake County Bar Association, American Association for Justice (AAJ), Beverly Hills Bar Association (BHBA), National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ).

Aldrich assists our firm on various assigned cases, typically involving criminal defense, and tort claims, and he covers the West Los Angeles area when necessary. If you need a West Los Angeles personal injury attorney, Ehline hopes that you will consider Aldrich as your man.

Attorney Carr are proud that Jim Carr is now of counsel to our firm. Also, we love it that he brings a unique kind of excellence. Only attorneys with such a low bar number, coupled with massive amounts of trials under their belt can make happen like him.

So this attorney has the bearing and demeanor of someone who has been through many campaigns in the battlefield of law. Assisting us with cases in the Torrance, Long Beach, and Laguna Beach areas, as well those in the Greater L.A. locale, he has been known to travel to meet clients when they are unable to get around and even physically inspect accident scenes himself.

This approach helps enable him to get a better feel for the situation. So ultimately this helps him piece together the unique facts and circumstances surrounding catastrophic events involving negligence.

Attorney Beck

Attorney Alan Beck is a former U.S. Marine tank crewman. Presently he is a resident and practitioner of law in San Diego County, California. Attorney Beck is a specialist in Constitutional law and has litigated constitutional law cases across the country. He is also an expert in administrative law and personal injury law. Presently, he focuses on Civil Rights and Catastrophic injury law claims in Carlsbad and Downtown San Diego Courts.

When the firm needs help, we always know we can count on Alan Beck. Mr. Beck is licensed in California and Hawaii

Ryan Eskandary

Ryan is a private investigator and legal researcher. He is a highly trained. His do or die attitude is part of what makes our firm so great.

Cruise Ship Claims

Attorney Matt Dolman Dolman has been a friend of the firm for over 7 years. During that time, he has assisted the firm with cruise ship litigation in Florida claims. He also is available to act pro hac vice to the firm in California when necessary. Cases he helps with include those against Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Head Admin

Irene Perdomo

Legal secretary

Irene attended UCLA and is a legal secretary. She assists with internal operations, demand letters, and other matters. Irene is bilingual. Hence, she speaks Spanish and English. She is one of our interpreters. Her contact info is

Law and Motion

Michael Nissan JD

Patriot and law grad, Michael Nissan.

Mr. Nissan is a former staffer for President William Jefferson Clinton. He is a true American patriot. Michael holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of West Los Angeles School of Law. So he works with the firm as a legal researcher, brief writer and liaison between injured clients and the firm.


Bobby Oshiro JD

Mr. Oshiro brings years of experience to the firm as an accident scene investigator and interrogator. He has a Juris Doctorate from Trinity Law School. Also, he is active in the Second Amendment Rights section of the firm in addition to being an accident reconstruction research analyst. Hence, when we need a quick response for to get to the crash site and get pictures, interview witnesses, he is one of our best men.

Additional Staff

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