NYC LaGuardia Airport Runways Closed After Southwest Plane Crash Lands

New York Plane crash

Southwest Airplane Crash Pics

By Michael P. Ehline, Esq. – Coming in on the heels of the Asiana Korean airline crash in San Francisco, today, Monday afternoon, a Southwest airplane crash landed at the NYC LaGuardia International Airport.  This time, the plane was Southwest Airlines flight 345, which was a Boeing 737, while allegedly having problems with its landing gear, according to witnesses. Other accounts of the crash landing are that the wheels on the landing gear came off.  Flight 345 originated in Nashville, Tennessee.

While not confirmed there have been reports of three people injured, the extent of their injuries have not been reported. Passengers exited the Southwest plane on the emergency slide. Passengers said the crash was scary and the cabin was filling with smoke. The Boeing aircraft according to witnesses has damage to the landing gear and the nose collapsed during the landing.

More details are still emerging in the crash that took place at 6:00 p.m. EST. What we do know, is that smoke and burn injuries are common in aircraft crash cases that don’t result in fatalities. Another major type of problem is that overhead luggage comes loose and causes severe head and even brain injuries. Sometimes, pilot error is an issue. Others, there are defects in the jet, or simply these terrible events are caused by an act of god. Either way, if negligence is involved, don’t expect the airlines or wrongdoers to roll over and pay money damages.

Make certain if you or a loved one are a passenger who was injured, to get adequate legal counsel. Semper Fidelis. Michael Ehline.